When Ekta Kapoor Karan Johar And Karan Johar were all set to marry each other?

Ekta Kapoor: I'd love to marry Karan.

We are all aware of Karan Johar’s sexual preference. However, Back In time, when the filmmaker didn’t openly discuss this, he had agreed to marry Ekta Kapoor.

In the Sulekha interview that was published 13 years ago, Karan fondly spoke about Ekta Kapoor reminiscing their childhood and shared that he’ll marry her in case he doesn’t find his partner. He was quoted saying, “I don’t think I ever will find the right partner. If finally neither Ekta nor I find someone else we’ll marry each other.” Adding to this, he stated that his mother would be very happy with this union. “At least my mother will be very happy. Not only because I’ll finally get married. But also because she’ll get to to know the plotline of her favorite serials from beforehand,” Karan Johar said

On this proposal of Karan, Ekta gave an instant yes. The producer was quoted saying, ‘I’d love to marry Karan. When is he proposing?’ Whenever we do meet we hug like long-lost pals. Karan is one of my closest friends from the film industry. I don’t have friends in Bollywood.