Vidyut Jammwal: I am a martial artist first

I am fully prepared it's going to be a brave new world

Vidyut Jamwal made his debut in 2011 with the action-packed film Force alongside John Abraham. Vidyut is winning over fans with hashtag #ITrainlikeVidyutJammwal.The lockdown has given him the chance to answer questions on how he trains. ‘this time is not going to come back,” says Vidyut Having spent time in South India recently, He is richer in life skills, something which he is happy to share on social media.

“We all are strong inside; just. that we need to tap it, realize it, and live it. Lockdown has got me in touch with my inner creativity, I am seeing a new side of life- birds, animals, and even human beings.”

Vidyut takes pride in being a representative of Kalaripayattu. “It’s a 3000-year-old style of martial art and I take huge pride in tracing it back to the roots,” says Vidyut, who started teaming it as a child. “I was born to do it,” he says with importance, recalling how last year he went to China to receive an award from Jackie Chan for the best action in Junglee.

What made me even happier was that someone like Jackie Chan acknowledged and appreciated Kalaripayattu.” Though Vidyut hasn’t been watching any Movie or Web series. Commando. He loves it When he’s called a commando on the street. I think I did a good job representing the mighty Indian forces he beams. says Vidyut

Vidyut even helped his female co-stars perform the stunts. It was a huge moment in Indian cinema to have leading ladies perform action stunts well on their own But why take the risk? The stunts might seem rather risky to someone who is not trained When one has in-depth knowledge these are a risk.

The fact that cinema halls would open the last even if the pandemic is brought under control does not worry him “I am a martial artist first an actor later there is no anxiety no fear And unlike many of us, he’s making the most of the lockdown and not preparing a list of what to do as soon as the world is free to move about. I am fully prepared it’s going to be a brave new world I am happily enjoying the present And would merrily greet whatever comes up next.