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Preity Zinta Takes Stand Against Paparazzi in Emotional Instagram Post

Preity Zinta, the famous Bollywood actress, took to Instagram on Saturday to share two unsettling incidents that took place in Mumbai, India. In her post, she criticized the paparazzi for their insensitive and unprofessional behavior. This article will take a closer look at the events and Preity’s response to them.

The first incident with her daughter Gia

In her post, Preity revealed that a woman tried to take a photo of her daughter, Gia. Preity politely asked her not to take the picture, but the woman ignored her request and scooped up Gia, giving her a wet kiss next to her mouth. Preity was understandably upset but did not want to make a scene.

The incident took place in a garden where Preity’s children were playing. The woman who took the photo lives in an elite building nearby. Preity noted that if she were not a celebrity, she might have reacted badly to the incident.

The second incident involving a handicapped man and paparazzi

Preity’s second incident involved a handicapped man who had asked her for money in the past. When he asked for money again, Preity told him that she had no cash, only a credit card. Her companion gave the man some money from her purse, but he threw it back at her and became aggressive.

The man followed Preity’s car for some time, and the paparazzi who were present found the situation amusing. They filmed and laughed instead of intervening or helping. Preity noted that if there had been an accident, she would have been blamed, and her celebrity status would have been called into question.

Preity’s response to the incidents

Preity used her Instagram post to criticize the paparazzi and to assert her right to privacy and safety. She noted that she is a human being first and a celebrity second and that her children should not be treated as part of a “package deal” for public consumption.

She called on the paparazzi to behave more professionally and to show compassion and maturity in their interactions with celebrities. Preity noted that there are always two sides to every story and that celebrities should not be blamed for everything.

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