‘Tandav’ Actor Paresh Pahuja makes singing debut


Paresh Pahuja, who was recently seen in the web series Tandav, is all set to make his singing debut and has rendered a single titled Mascara. “It’s written and composed by Vayu. It’s about the mascara that women put on their eyelashes, and how eyes are a window to the soul It’s a way of saying that I want to be as close to your soul as possible,” says Paresh, adding that it’s a romantic song, which is about first-time love.

Ask him what he enjoys the most between acting and music, and Paresh refuses to choose one. “I love and enjoy both. I believe they go hand-in-hand. Any art form is just a way of expressing yourself. and the more creative mediums you get to express your feelings, the better. I try to explore other art forms as well, like painting and playing various musical instruments. etc. I like to keep on learning different forms of art. because it helps you understand yourself better,” he says.