Sushant Singh Rajput’s family to start foundation in his name to support young talent

As the family bids final goodbye to SSR,They launch a special Initiative in his name

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family paid tribute to the late actor on the 13th day of his demise with an emotional note. Remembering him as the boy from Patna who was free-spirited, curious, and a man with dreams, the letter addressed Sushant as ‘Gulshan’ of the Family.

The letter read, “He was the pride and inspiration of the family. His telescope was his most prized possession, through which he fondly gazed at the stars. We can’t bring ourselves to accept that we wouldn’t get to hear his easy laughs any-more. That we wouldn’t see his sparkling eyes again That we wouldn’t hear his endless rants about science again. His loss has created a permanent, glaring void in the family that will never be filled.”

The family also launched a special initiative by the name ‘Sushant Singh Rajput Foundation’. It further says, ‘To honour his memory and legacy, the family has decided to set up Sushant Singh Rajput Foundation (SSRF) to support young talents in areas close to his heart—cinema, science, and sports. His childhood home in Rajiv Nagar, Patna, will be turned into a memorial. We will put his personal memorabilia and belongings there, which include thousands of books, his telescope, flight-simulator, etc, for his fans and admirers. From now on, we intend to maintain his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page as legacy accounts to keep his memories alive.” The Family said. An email ID – [email protected] has also been shared for any enquiries regarding the foundation.