Sophie Turner Says I don’t even know whether Disney wants to continue on the X-Men

Sophie revealed she's interested in making more X-Men movies

X-Men Actress Sophie Turner she reportedly said, “I don’t even know what the deal is, whether Disney wants to continue on the ‘X-Men’ journey. I would always be down to go back to that character and that cast and that experience … We had the best time on those movies. I would kill to go back.”

Sophie is currently starring in the TV series ‘Survive’, in which she plays a survivor of a plane crash who has to make it back to civilization.

Sophie said: “What drew me to the script was the way that mental illness was written so accurately in my opinion. It felt real to me. I also loved the notion that this girl who wanted to die so badly ends up fighting for a life that she never wanted to live in the first place.”

Turner also feels “Survive” will help to make people feel less alone. “I hope that the story of this girl finding something to live for helps others find the ability to do that, too,” she said.