Simple Kaul : I am very excited to work with Karanveer


Simple Kaul and her friend Karanveer Mehra are seen in the youth-based show Ziddi Dii Maane Na. Though they have known each other for many years, they never got the opportunity to work on a project together Finally, they are happy to have got this opportunity.

Simple says, “As an actor, he is very good and as a friend, he is very funny. He is always up to some mischief and you can never take him seriously. He is really fun to be around and is a good guy. He is a terrific artist and a natural actor, as he gets into the character within a split second. He just flows with the mood of the scene and is doing a really good job, which is appreciable.”

Karanveer has already started shooting for the show and his track is live now. “I am very excited to work with him. Working with a friend is always a pleasure. At the same time, working with a good actor is always exciting, and I want to explore other layers of my character with him,” Simple concludes.