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Shubhangi Atre Confirms Separation From Husband After 19-Year-Long Marriage

It’s wedding season, and the internet is flooded with pictures of celebs getting married. However, amidst all the love and mush, there has been a piece of shocking news that has broken the internet recently. Shubhangi Atre, the actress from the popular TV show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, has confirmed her separation from her husband of nineteen years, Piyush Poorey.

In an interview with the Times of India, Shubhangi confirmed that the couple had been living apart for almost a year and had tried their best to save their marriage. She explained that mutual respect, companionship, trust, and friendship are the foundation of a strong marriage, but they eventually realized that they couldn’t resolve their differences and decided to part ways.

Making the final decision was not easy for Shubhangi, and she spoke about the emotional impact of ending a relationship of so many years. However, she also acknowledged that mental stability is paramount and that adversities can teach us valuable lessons.

Shubhangi also spoke about their daughter, Ashi, and how important it is for her to receive love from both her mother and father. While the couple has separated, Piyush still visits their daughter every Sunday, ensuring that she doesn’t miss out on her father’s love.

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