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Dalai Lama Kiss Controversy: Shraddha Arya Apologizes for Her Words

Dalai Lama Kiss Controversy: Shraddha Arya Apologizes for Her Words

Actor Shraddha Arya, who recently criticised the Dalai Lama for kissing a child on the lips, has now issued an apology note regarding the same. In a now-deleted post, Shraddha had expressed her disapproval of the act, but her comment attracted criticism from a section of people. The video, which triggered the criticism, showed the Tibetan spiritual leader inviting a boy on stage and asking him to kiss him on the lips.

The incident sparked an online debate, with some people finding the act inappropriate, while others defended the Dalai Lama’s action. Shraddha’s comments received backlash, prompting her to issue an apology note on her Instagram Stories.

Understanding the Incident

The incident occurred during an interaction between the Dalai Lama and a group of students at a school in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India. In the video, the Dalai Lama is seen inviting a young boy to come up on stage.

The boy then asked if he could hug the Dalai Lama, to which the spiritual leader replied with a gesture to his cheek, indicating that the boy could kiss him on the cheek. However, the boy then kissed the Dalai Lama on the lips, after which the spiritual leader asked him to do it again while sticking his tongue out.

Shraddha Arya’s Criticism and Apology

After the video went viral, Shraddha Arya had posted a comment on her social media account expressing her disapproval of the act. She wrote, “This is just so wrong on so many levels. Can’t believe this.” However, her comment was met with criticism from some quarters, with people accusing her of being insensitive towards the Dalai Lama’s religious beliefs.

In her apology note, Shraddha clarified that she had no intention of hurting anyone’s religious sentiments and that she had only expressed her opinion about the incident. She wrote, “A lot of people have been writing hateful stuff on my page… I don’t know you guys and have absolutely nothing against you or your religion or your practices. An ‘act has been condemned’. Not any community, religion or place.”

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