Shefali Shah Opens Up On How She Doesn’t Let Her Characters Affect Her


Shefali Shah, who was most recently seen in the medical thriller ‘Human’, follows a different approach to work around with her characters. She takes an objective route and does not let her characters affect her emotions as a human being.

Talking about the demarcation In her subconscious, Shefali told IANS: “When I do a project, I get completely submerged in it. Having said that, I am not the person who would carry the emotions of a scene or from the set back home. Yes, I will give everything that I have for that moment. Despite the emotional disconnect, her mind constantly keeps exploring her characters, going deeper into them.

She said: “I do not disconnect as an actor because I come back home, freshen up and start working on the next day’s scenes. It is a continuous process, I don’t stop. Because that character has an identity of its own, you have to keep feeding that identity with your observations and homework to put a certain conviction into that character.

Be it her character of Pyari Mhatre from ‘Satya’, Sumitra Thakur from ‘Waqt: The Race Against Time’ where she played the role of Amitabh Bachchan’s wife with utter conviction, or her recent release ‘Human’ the medical thriller series, where she portrays the character of a doctor, Shefali has mastered the art of projection and the trick to that. In her own words is that she doesn’t act rather she feels what her character would feel at a certain point in the story.