Rekha Refuses to Get Covid-19 Test

Rekha's manager Farzana told them. "Take the number, call me

Besides Sara All Khan, Aamir Khan, Karan Johar, and Boney Kapoor, one of Rekha’s staff members have also tested positive for Covid-19. While all the rest have got their coronavirus test done, Rekha has reportedly refused the same. Last week, a security guard at Rekha’s bungalow, Sea Springs, had tested positive. Since then. BMC has sealed the place.

On July 14, when BMC officials arrived to fumigate the bungalow, they were refused the entry. Reportedly, Rekha’s manager. Farzana told them. “Take the number, call me and then we shall talk.” She added that the rest of the family members. including the staff, would get tested if there was a need. Currently, no other member in the bungalow is showing coronavirus symptoms. She informed that the veteran actress was doing fine and under self-quarantine.