Pankaj Tripathi : I’m an actor, not a salesman


As major brands are lining up to sign Pankaj Tripathi for endorsements, the actor refuses to recklessly sign deals because he feels he has a moral responsibility towards his fans and society.

His characters like Fukrey (Pandit), Kaleen bhaiya (Mirzapur), Narottam Mishra (Bareilly Ki Barfi), Rudra (Stree), and many others have resonated with the audience. He chooses to endorse what he uses and only those products that are approved by the governing body.

Talking about the same, Pankaj says, “I am an actor, not a salesman. I  am also a responsible citizen of my country. Why would I do something just for the sake of it? I have been very true to my craft and as a public figure I want to be true to my fans and followers as well.”

Maintaining his firm stance that stems from a strong set of ethics, Pankaj adds, “These are the people who watched my films, appreciated my roles, and made me who I am today. It is my ethical responsibility to endorse only those products I use in a personal capacity or those that are not harmful to society in any manner. The thing is, it is very easy to get lured into this glittering world. But my upbringing hasn’t let me slip and I owe this to my solid background”.

Pankaj Tripathi was last seen in the Netflix film Mimi which also starred Kriti Sanon in the lead role.