Pandemic times: sharing food safely

Firstly, don't use soap (or even bleach) to clean vegetables and fruits

Cooking, baking, and sharing what you’ve made is one of the few ways we can tangibly connect right now. But is it realty safe?

The general answer is yes. The risk of transmitting or catching Coronavirus from the act of sharing food or from the food packaging itself is very low, but you should still take precautions. And the virus shouldn’t be your only concern. The last thing we want right now is to get a foodborne illness and have to go to the emergency room, which can put us at an even greater risk of catching the virus. Firstly, don’t use soap (or even bleach) to clean vegetables and fruits. Soap and bleach can make people very sick. Instead, rinse with plenty of cool running water. Also, while you don’t need to wear a mask while preparing food, but, if it prevents you from touching your face or brings you peace of mind, go for it. The same goes for gloves.