Nikita Dutta : Horror still a ghost of a genre in Bollywood


Dybbuk Actress Nikita Dutta who plays the female protagonist in the Emraan Hashmi Starrer ‘Dybbuk’says apart from the odd movie, horror remains an under-explored genre in Bollywood.

In conversation with Ians, Ms. Dutta said, “I think one of the very interesting facts to be part of Dybbuk was its story and is a pure horror film and in Bollywood, except for a few. we do not get to watch a pure horror thriller film. Dybbuk is one of them. even though it is an official remake of the Malayalam film Ezra our makers tried to maintain a certain element of thrill till the end. Usually even in Bollywood horror films, at times a serious situation. the story breaks into song and dance. But in Dybbuk we attempted to main the tension. that is why for us, this is a unique film.

The story of the film revolves around a newly-wed couple played by Emraan and Nikita when they unknowingly become part of Dybbuk. In Jewish mythology, Dybbuk is a malicious possessing spirit that dislocates the soul of a dead person to achieve the was the first time Nikita worked with Emraan Hashmi and she also went through a workshop as part of the preparation for her character Mahi in the film.
“like many of us I also admire Emraan but when I worked with him. there are a few things I have observed and would count it as my life lesson. He despite being a successful actor for years and yes he also acted in supernatural films earlier. he does not have any ‘i know it all attitude. he is a very no-nonsense grounded and highly professional individual. I like that attitude. shared Nikita who earlier appeared in films like Kabir Singh, Big Bull, Gold, and Maska.

Source: IANS