Nandish Singh says I take back my words’ on Sushant committing suicide

Sushant's death was a suicide. in that moment of weakness

TV actor Nandish Singh Sandhu, who had earlier spoken of the cause of Sushant’s death. Now the actor has also withdrawn his words. In a tweet on social media, Nandish has accepted that perhaps Sushant has not committed suicide. He writes about this My 14th June post on Insta insinuated that Sushant’s death was a suicide. in that moment of weakness, based on what was shown on news channels. I take my words back. There is definitely more to it and the truth must come out.

After Sushant’s death on June 14, Nandish wrote a sentimental post. The actor raised many mentions as to why Sushant fell weak, why he took such a big step. But now when the case seems complicated. Then Nandish also decided to accept it as suicide. He too now wants justice in this case.