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Mohit Malhotra Talks About His Experience in Bhagya Lakshmi

The Indian television industry is always looking for fresh talent to keep its shows going. It is not uncommon for shows to introduce new characters mid-way to spice up the plot. Aishwarya Khare, who plays the title part in Bhagya Lakshmi, is paired with Mohit Malhotra, a well-known star in the industry, as their love interest.

The actor believes it is brilliant to “enter a show that is already popular”. In this article, we will delve deeper into Mohit Malhotra’s experience of joining the show mid-way and his perspective on the storyline and the characters.

The Reason for Choosing Bhagya Lakshmi

When asked about his decision to join Bhagya Lakshmi, Mohit Malhotra says, “The reason I chose this show is because my character Vikrant brings a new turn in the narrative. It will be more conflicting and demanding.” He thinks that the show’s creators have a new way of delivering the story that will be appealing to the viewers. The show has been on air since 2021, and the audience has been loving it.

The Concept and Treatment of Bhagya Lakshmi

Mohit Malhotra says that after signing the contract, he barely watched a few episodes of the show.. He found the concept of the show interesting, where the in-laws and Lakshmi’s ex-husband are trying to pair her up with a new man. Although the idea may not seem novel, he thinks the “treatment is absolutely fresh”. He adds that there is always a new way to tell a story, and the way the makers are creating this content will appeal to the audience.

The Experience on the Set of Bhagya Lakshmi

It could take a few weeks for new actors to break the ice on a set. However, Mohit Malhotra claims that he was warmly welcomed by everyone on the set. He knew a few people on set, and now it feels more like a family. He accepts the possibility that his character might be changed if TRPs fall short of the channel’s and production company’s expectations. He believes that the producers know what they are doing and are aware of his body of work. So, he is not worried.

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