Luviena Lodh responds to Mahesh Bhatt’s 1 core civil suit


As reported earlier. film-makers and brothers, Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt had filed a defamation suit against Luviena Lodh, who had posted a video on Instagram last week. accusing the Bhatt family of harassing her. The Bhatts had sought 1crore in damages from Lodh and also sought an order restraining her from making false claims against them in the future. On Monday. reacting to Bhatts’ suit. Lodh said that she was speaking the truth and she would stand by it. She added that she had waged a war against powerful people. so Mumbai police were not co-operating with her. Luviena Lodh issued a statement that read. ‘Today Monday, October 26. I appeared in court. In their plea, the Bhatt brothers said I should delete the video which I have uploaded on social media.

They further added that the accusations which I have made against them are false but the court has told them that I shouldn’t be forced to delete videos. I am not making any defamatory statements.”