Kangana Ranaut : Never in history of India has a closed case been opened

This was a historic day

Kangana Ranaut has hailed the Supreme Court order for a CBI probe into the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Kangana exclusively told IANS that this was a historic day because so many controversial deaths have happened in the past but never in the history of India has a closed case been reopened.

“Indians all across the globe. whether it is Australia or America or Mauritius. sought justice for Sushant… we the people of India… have risen against the mafia that prevails in all fields. Whether it was Divya Bharti. Sridevi or many people who succumbed to these mysterious deaths. or Lal Bahadur Shastri or many leaders, the mafia prevails in all kinds of fields,” Kangana added

Kangana credits the collective consciousness of people that made this happen. It’s the victory of humanity,’ she said.