Hailey Bieber: Struggled With Marriage Initially

we all wish that there were decisions we didn't make any mistakes

Hailey Bieber was “ridden with guilt” during the first six months of her marriage to Justin Bieber. “We all wish there were things we had never done and we all wish that there were decisions we didn’t make any mistakes we didn’t make but what I learned being married is that every mistake that I made and every bad decision I made. everything I was making myself feel guilty for – actually led to me getting married and it led to me being a wife.

She said in an interview. “We went through a lot in the first 6.7 months of our marriage. There was a lot going on with Justin’s health and forme, taking on a responsibility like that was tough but I also know that God would never put me in a situation that I couldn’t handle. I’ve just watched him evolve in the last year and I’ve watched our relationship evolve in a way that I know was only possible because Jesus is in the center of it,” she added.

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