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Gaslight’s Movie Review: A Disappointing Thriller That Needed More

Gaslight, the latest offering from Bollywood, follows the story of Meesha, a young woman who returns to her childhood haveli in Rajasthan only to be plagued by dark dreams and eerie occurrences. The movie boasts an interesting cast, but unfortunately, it fails to live up to its potential as a spooky thriller.

The film sets up a predictable storyline with Meesha’s father missing, ghostly figures lurking behind curtains, and unexplained noises haunting the mansion. However, none of these mystery tropes dial up the dread, and the film becomes a drone much too soon. The only actor who stands out is Akshay Oberoi, who plays Meesha’s entitled cousin with a degree of flash.

The movie’s climax features a stand-out sequence in which a character is murdered most stylishly against the sand dunes. The stark shadows cast by the victim and the killer in the dead of night take the film straight into noir territory, making it a scene that makes the audience sit up and take notice. However, it is a missed opportunity for a movie that could have done with more of those moments.

Gaslight has its moments, but it fails to deliver on its promise of a spooky thriller. The movie needed more substance to make it stand out. Sara Ali Khan, who plays Meesha, needs a role that showcases her abilities as an actor, and Vikrant Massey’s talent was wasted in a role that left little impact.

In “Gaslight,” Chitrangda gives a standout performance, adeptly capturing the many facets of her character. She exudes impeccable élan as a kind but distant stepmother, a faithful but struggling wife, a regal but entitled queen, and an upright but weak woman.

She fits this genre better, and one can’t help but wish that she had taken the lead role. In the iconic swimming pool scene, where blood turns the water red, as well as in the scenes that call for restraint and impactful dialogue, like when she says her husband has too many toys to keep track of, Singh gives an outstanding performance. Overall, Singh’s portrayal deepens and raises the suspense of the film.

Vikrant Massey, Sara Ali Khan, Chitrangada Singh, Akshay Oberoi, Rahul Dev, and Shishir Sharma are among the cast members of the movie Gaslight. Pavan Kirpalani directed the film Gaslight.1.5 stars for the movie Gaslight.

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