Comedian Bharti Singh is super excited to start her new journey


Comedian and host Bharti Singh’s upcoming show The Indian Game Show on Bharti TV has been creating a lot of buzz. A record number of 101 celebrities will participate in the show and Bharti is super excited to start her new journey. “I really didn’t know that this is a record number, but yes. I haven’t heard about 101 celebrities coming to any other show. So. it’s a big achievement for me and Haarsh.

“She says. People have high expectations from the show to which Bharti says. “I know people have hopes pinned on the show and hope I am able to live up to that. We are nervous. We have trust in ourselves and in our team who have been working hard.” Managing so many actors and production members is quite a task. Bharti adds, “We didn’t find it difficult though, probably because we didn’t have a celebrity manager or any agency to bring them. These all are my friends; they just came on the show when I requested them. Our show is starting November 25 onwards on Bharti TV, my Youtube channel, and I hope everyone would enjoy watching it. comment and also share feedback, suggestions.”