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Akshay Kumar’s Recent Box Office Failures: The Superstar Takes Responsibility for Flops

Akshay Kumar, the popular Bollywood actor, recently spoke about the poor performance of his recent films at the box office. In a recent interview with Aaj Tak, he accepted the blame for the films not working and stated that it was his fault, 100%. The actor further requested the audience and others not to blame anyone else and explained that a film’s failure occurs due to a lack of the right ingredients in the film.

In the past two years, Akshay Kumar has been seen in films such as Samrat Prithviraj, Ram Setu, Raksha Bandhan, among others, and his latest release is the action comedy Selfiee, co-starring Emraan Hashmi. The movie, which is a remake of the Malayalam film Driving License, failed to impress the audience despite a good response to the trailer and the remake of the song ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’.

Akshay Kumar also recalled a time in his career when he faced 16 consecutive flops, and stated that he had experienced worse in the past. However, he accepted that this time, it was his fault that the films did not work. He acknowledged that the audience has changed and that he needs to change too and dismantle himself.

Before Selfiee, Akshay Kumar appeared in films such as Bachchan Paandey, Samrat Prithviraj, Raksha Bandhan, and Ram Setu, which were theatrical releases in 2022. Additionally, the actor also played the role of a cop in Cuttputlli, which was an OTT release.

In conclusion, Akshay Kumar’s interview sheds light on the importance of a film’s content and how it plays a vital role in a film’s success. As an actor, he takes full responsibility for his films not working and acknowledges that it is time for him to change and dismantle himself. This interview shows that Akshay Kumar is not just a superstar, but a humble and responsible human being who takes his work seriously.

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