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Akshay Kumar sets a Guinness World Record for taking the most selfies in 3 minutes

Akshay Kumar is well-known for acting, acting, and charitable work. At a recent event for his movie “Selfiee,” he established a new Guinness World Record by taking 184 selfies with fans in just three minutes. Will Smith previously held the record, snapping 100 selfies in three minutes in May 2019.

What Did Akshay Kumar Do to Set the Record?
Akshay Kumar had three minutes to take at least 150 selfies in order to break the record. He accomplished this by using a specially-made selfie camera to take multiple selfies with fans simultaneously.

An assistant team helped fans line up and take selfies with the actor during the well-organized event. During the record attempt, Akshay Kumar was monitored by independent witnesses and a Guinness World Records adjudicator, who confirmed the count.

What impact did the record have on social media?

The record-breaking attempt generated a lot of buzz on social media, with fans and celebrities congratulating Akshay Kumar. Within a few hours, #AkshayKumar trended on Twitter with thousands of tweets and retweets. Using the hashtag, fans also shared selfies with Akshay Kumar on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

The record-breaking attempt was also covered extensively by media outlets around the world. It was this publicity that helped “Selfiee” raise its profile and generate interest among its fans.

What Is the Future of Celebrity-Fan Interaction Based on This Record?

A record-breaking attempt by Akshay Kumar highlights the importance of social media and fan engagement in the entertainment industry. Social media is a platform for direct communication and interaction between celebrities and their fans in today’s digital age.

Akshay Kumar’s Guinness World Record for taking selfies with fans shows his commitment to interacting with fans and appreciating their support. By doing this, he has strengthened his fan base and built a positive image of himself.

Akshay is reportedly back in the Hera Pheri franchise and the set photo suggests that he has begun shooting with Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal. It had been reported earlier that Akshay had stepped out of the film due to dissatisfaction with the script.

On February 24, Selfie releases in theaters.

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