Aditya Chopra’s statement recorded Questioned about Pani Film

More than 35 statements have been recorded In Sushant'Death case

In the suicide case of Sushant Singh Rajput, Mumbai Police has recorded the statement of film director Aditya Chopra at Bandra Police Station. During this time, questions were answered about the Yash Raj Films contract between the film ‘Pani. and Sushant. Aditya Chopra left Sandra police station after recording his statement for about 4 hours.

In fact, recently Shekhar Kapur told the police via email that his dream project film Pani’ has been stuck for more than 10 years. In 2012-13, Aditya Chopra and he met at Yash Raj Films to make this mega-budget film of 150 crores and it was decided that the film will start from the year 2014 under the banner of Yash Raj.

Sushant had his first meeting with Shekhar Kapoor at Yash Raj’s studio regarding the film’s cast. After this Yash Raj Films started pre-production work. About 5 crore rupees were also spent in pre-production and the dates of Sushant Singh Rajput were also blocked. Sushant was busy with his role in the film. Even during the workshop, his passion was seen in his acting skills. Sushant had also left many films for this project.

Then, due to some differences between the content of the film, Shekhar Kapoor and Aditya Chopra, the agreement of the film was broken. When Sushant Singh Rajput came to know about this, he broke down. Shekhar Kapur also said that Sushant came to me that evening. He was holding me and putting his head on my shoulder and started crying bitterly. Seeing her cry, I too was broken and I used to cry. The shock of the film’s closure made him feel that he was probably going into depression. I tried to handle him and also explained to him that this character will definitely live on the screen at some time. There is no need to be disappointed, just wait for the right time.

Let me tell you, earlier in the Sushant Suicide case. the Mumbai Police had recorded the statement of Sushant’s doctor. The doctor was questioned by the Mumbai Police about Sushant’s depression and treatment Sources claim that in the investigation so far, the police have received information that Sushant was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai in October 2019 for a week with a complaint of deep depression. Sushant had met about 5 different psychiatrists in the last few years. The Mumbai Police had interrogated two of these doctors for several hours on Friday and recorded the statement. The statements of more than 35 people have been recorded in the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case so far.