A.R. Rahman’s Daughter Khatija’s Animated Music Video Wins Global


A.R Rahman’s daughter Khattja Rahman seems to be doing her dad proud. The gifted singer’s music video – ‘Farishton’ has won the award for the Best Animation Musk Video at the International Sound Future Awards.

Although the award will technically go to AR Rahman for being the music director and the producer of the video, it is clear that Rahman considers the video to be the work of his daughter Khatija.

He tweeted the news of the music video has won the awards. ‘Farishton’ wins one more award. @Rahmankhatija EPI.” This is not the first award for ‘Farishton. as just a couple of days ago, the music video won an Award of Merit at the Global Shorts.net, an international short film competition. The video has also received a special mention award at the Los Angeles Film Awards. ‘Farishton’ is significant as Kliatkla Rahman considers it to be the beginning of her musical journey.

In a post describing her video on YouTube, Khatija says, I was born in Chennai in a multicultural family with different genres of music and with friends from diverse backgrounds. I’ve always been fascinated with the wonders of life. As Mawlana Rumi says -There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground: there are a thousand ways to go home again. The video’s main character Amal was created with such experiences of mine and the longing to explore the unknown. I hope all of you and your own journey of the unknown.-